Christina is an outstanding piano teacher! She adapts her teaching style and strategies based on the ability, interest, experience and temperament of the student. Her students learn proper technique as well as music theory while developing an appreciation and familiarity with a variety of musical styles and periods. With her positive and patient demeanor, she is highly effective at bringing out the best in every student.
— Christy S.
Our daughter and son had Christina as a piano teacher in Florida. She’s incredibly patient, knows her craft, extremely supportive of her students and understands how children learn. She really encourages her students and helps them excel to their individual ability regardless of their learning style. We will miss her - can’t say enough positive things about Christina!
— Susan V.
[Our son] is really enjoying his lessons with you; I have seen a thirst for learning the new material that I have not seen in awhile from him. Thanks for inspiring him to challenge himself a little more and to see that he can keep improving his skills with more dedication and practice!
— Kim D.
Christina has taught our son piano for over four years now. He has shown amazing progress throughout the years, under her guidance. Christina offers a thorough music education, while adapting the lesson to the individual student. She genuinely cares about her students and makes piano fun and worthwhile. She is also quick to respond to emails/texts; overall I highly recommend Christina as a piano instructor!
— Lyndsey C.
I am an adult student who has studied with Christina since fall of 2015, when I sought to return to piano lessons after many decades without playing. I am considered to be at early advanced level, however my skills had suffered considerably and I sought out a teacher who could help me reacquire my old playing ability. I am very glad I signed on with Christina - she diagnosed some bad habits and has not only helped me knock off the rust from my playing, but to become a much better pianist. She helps me see nuances of expression in a composition that were lacking in my playing before. By believing in my ability, she also instilled in me the confidence to learn to play pieces that would have intimidated me before I began studying with her.

What I like most about Christina is that she doesn’t simply indulge me - she wants the best that I can give! She doesn’t believe in heaps of unearned praise- rather her critiques are at once candid and encouraging. When she illustrates a point, her own polished technique serves as an inspiration. I leave a lesson feeling challenged to improve - which is exactly what I was looking for in a teacher. And when I do improve - when the project piece comes together - the genuine pride in my progress that she expresses is all the more gratifying, because I know I earned it.

It is obvious to me that Christina loves what she does. She is passionate about all things piano and loves imparting what she knows to her students. She communicates that knowledge through a buoyant personality that will appeal to any student, young or no longer young.
— Joe M.