Christina Toole's passion for playing and teaching the piano has shaped her life since the young age of eight. She holds a Masters degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from Florida State University, where she studied under Dr. Joel Hastings and Dr. Victoria McArthur.  Mrs. Toole has over 10 years of experience with students of all ages, teaching beginning through advanced levels in both private and group settings. She recently moved to Rome, GA from Florida, and looks forward to serving Rome’s local music teachers association as an active member of GMTA. When she isn't teaching, accompanying or performing, Christina enjoys cooking, spending time with her husband outdoors, bird-watching, and researching the latest teaching materials.

                                                                Teaching Philosophy

I believe every lesson should guide and inspire students towards their musical goals. Each student is encouraged to make personal connections to the music they are playing, with the goal of becoming fluent in the language of music so they can truly become artists and communicate with their listeners

Some of the most important qualities I want my students to gain from piano lessons are: a healthy, free technique, the ability to produce beautiful, controlled sounds, the ability to listen discerningly and appreciatively to music, the ability to express their own innate creativity at the piano, a love for sharing their music with others, and the discipline to "practice for lifelong success," by learning patience, thinking independently, and focusing their best efforts on the task at hand.