Potential Students: What to Expect

  • One on one personalized instruction with a caring, energetic professional

   At Christina Toole Piano Studio in Rome GA, students enjoy all the benefits of traditional classical training, presented with a fresh approach that makes playing the piano relevant and relatable to everyday life. Students learn a wide variety of engaging repertoire while developing healthy technical skills, musicianship, and artistry. I believe in a hands-on approach to learning, so I regularly use games and apps/technology to enhance and reinforce students’ understanding of new concepts. I also encourage my students to express their creativity in a variety of ways, including composing their own music.

  • Performances/Special Events

    I provide frequent opportunities for students to showcase their hard work, including a performance at the end of each school session (December and May). I also encourage students to expand their musical experience by taking part in the local Rome piano festivals and events! My students regularly receive Superior and Honors scores at performance and theory testing events.

Preschool Lessons

I offer specialized instruction for 4-5 year olds, exposing them to music and establishing the foundation of piano playing. Young students enjoy a tailored, age-appropriate curriculum that develops their “ear” for music, steady rhythmic pulse, and fine motor and pattern recognition skills, while engaging in off-bench games and movement activities that embrace their fun-loving and wiggly sides :)

Student Expectations

My ideal student is creative, curious and committed. Students are expected to be dedicated and timely with lesson attendance, be organized and well-prepared, and bring a teachable, positive attitude. Students also need to schedule regular, diligent practice on a quality instrument, such as a tuned acoustic piano or a full-length keyboard with pedal and weighted keys.

Advanced Study

I am also experienced in providing beginning through advanced study for adult students, whether you are taking lessons for pleasure or preparing for a music school audition or musical career. Your lesson experience is tailored to your needs and goals, at your own learning pace.